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About Us

Who are we?

Jeti Industries Ltd is a Finnish enterprise who develop and manufacture reliable, sustainable zero emission public transport solutions. In our production process we are committed to developing the latest technology, long-term reliability and ecological sustainability in our products for the electro-mobility sector. As a agile and dynamic company we invest in sustainable and functional design and personnel who create innovative and robust products as a team. Our engineering philosophy is based on minimal and functional Scandinavian "less-is-more" design, sustainable and durable materials, as well as new and unique solutions in software and state-of-the-art electric transportation technology. Our plan from the beginning was to design our busses from the customer point of view in terms of minimized LCC (life cycle cost) and the best maintenance propertios on the market. Electrification of city transit systems with Jeti electric busses will lower total emissions and operation costs. The aim is to offer European high-tech environmentally friendly electric transit solutions to bus operators’ reach without enormous investment increase. Because of the knowledge and concentration on the bus operator’s point of view, Jeti bus architecture is designed in a way that Jeti’s products are as easy as possible to maintain and significant operation cost reduction is always the running force of the design process. Superior spare part compatibility is the best on the market. Our architecture is modular in point of view of bus lenght variations. Jeti Industries Ltd follows the design term “DFMA” (design for manufacturing and after-sales) in all the design procedures. All products are fully designed by using 3D modeling techniques. ​ Read the story of the project below...

"Making the BEST and the most purpose built busses on the market is our passion"
- Niko Andersson -

The story of the enterprise

Jeti Industries Ltd was founded in 2012 by Niko Andersson, from Turku, Finland. The company has long heritage since 1923 when Andersson family company purchased the first motor powered vehicle as a taxi. The car was a Ford T-model. Niko Andersson has created the innovative bus concept and company’s design architecture. The family has extensive experience in bus manufacturing industry and bus operations in the Andersson family bus business. Growing up in a bus depot, Niko learned all the needs and requirements of a functioning vehicle, service network and operator needs. This translated into his new dream, a project of taking up the challenge of creating zero emissions transport. A electric bus truly developed from the point of view of the end user. ​ Finland and Sweden has also extensive history of bus design and manufacturing and wide range of high tech companies on the field. ​In 2010 Niko started imagining and experimenting a new design for a electric bus that meets the demands of tough northern environment and has new unique ultra high-tech software and component solutions from Nordics.  From first early sketches to finding suitable collaborators from Finland and Sweden, he finally established the company in 2012. ​In early 2022 the first prototype of the all Finnish design electric bus was ready and The Ultra Robust Nordic electric bus series was born! The N1e has been operating in Austria, Sweden and Finland with astonishing positive customer feedback. Jeti busses have zero down time track record. The market needs us!

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