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Unbeatable Experience

Sustainability and quality policy


There’s so much happening behind the scenes of Jeti Industries to ensure our sustainability and quality of all our processes. We follow strict validation processes to ensure sustainability in all procedures. We select materials, which have advanced recycling properties. In all design procedures we follow DFMAA (design for manufacturing, assembly and aftersales). With modular design architecture our target is to minimise components variation to minimise user costs.

Our targets:

  • We follow global regulations and laws

  • Modular design to meet all customer requirements

  • Robust technology and structure design

  • Light weight design

  • Advanced recycling properties of materials

  • Low energy consumption

  • Low user and maintenance cost

  • Pleasant customer and passenger experience

Technology and supply chain

Electrical engineer working on circuit b

Simply selling products has never been enough. That’s why we’ve taken the time, effort and high investments in technology to ensure our product development process is at the highest level possible.

We cooperate with several suppliers from different countries, including a considerable majority of suppliers from Europe. Our suppliers based in Finland accounted for roughly 60% of the total. Higher participation of partners from Europe means the optimisation of quality and increased high-tech content. In addition, the distribution of suppliers, which are mainly local enables us to dynamically respond to potential risks that might arise in the Supply Chain.

Cost Effective Solutions

Flexible Payment Planning

In our opinion solutions with unrealistic costs are not solutions. The life-time cost is one thing, but the investment cost must be realistic as well. Many manufacturers promote their products with unrealistic life-time cost expectations comparing to the investment cost what is often unrealistic. Jeti Industries Ltd is committed to truly cost-effective enviromentally friendly solutions.

Ethical issues


From an ethical aspect, the important factor in electric buses is the materials used in traction batteries. We don’t use Cobalt based batteries, due to ethical issues related to Cobalt supply from mines in Republic of Gongo.

Our products are designed in Finland. We follow Finnish employer legislation. We also follow ISO 9002 quality certification in our complete supply chain. As global entrerprise we also follow local legistlations in different countries where we operate.

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