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Development and production by Jeti

Responsibility combined to creativity


Design & Engineering

The design by Jeti follows Scandinavian functional and minimalist design principles. The production process is designed to be sustainable and effective. We take advantage of the latest Nordic technologies. High technology means for us simplier user experience, not just making everyday use more complicated.

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Lightweight true Monocoque Space Frame made from Stainless steel

The structure of the N1e series is lightweight true Monocoque Space Frame, 100 % made from high strenght Stainless Steel. Fully welded structure is ultra robust and lightweight.

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Electric drivetrain

The N1e series is equipped with in-house developed innovative electric drivetrain system. We are not just another company with stand-alone-system based products. Our products are highly integrated and fully developed by Jeti. Our technology capabilities enable us to make the busses what we know truly benefits Jeti bus owners.

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User friendly engineering

Our products are designed by users for users. Reliability, ergonomics and after-sales properties are the key focus. And our customers confirm that we have hit the sweet spot with truly unique product series.


Advanced safety

Electrification of transportation brings new challenges to safety factors. High voltage has it's challenges. We have paid the highest concern to offer our customers safe electrification without safety related compromises.

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