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N1e Series Low-Entry Electric bus

JETI N1e Series is created by combining the innovative new modular design solutions to selecting high-tech materials, mainly from Finland and Europe and assembled with the most advanced techniques available.

  • N1e models are available with long-range batteries, with 400 km range on one charge. Typical urban daily routes can be operated with single daily charge. Additional charging is possible with fast charging.

  • The structural material is Finnish stainless steel with high-strength stainless steel reinforcements.

  • High-end Cobolt-free batteries.

  • The energy consumption has been designed to be minimal through smart technologies.

  • Modular, easy service access design.

See pictures of our N1e Series Low-Entry selection below.

Special vehicles

Jeti Industries also manufactures electric operated special purpose vehicles, such as a library bus or a blood donation bus. The first electric library bus in Turku is pictured below.

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