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Materials and recycling

Sustainable, recyclable materials.

The key criteria for choosing materials for our productions process is recycling properties, sustainable production and safety. We use welded stainless steel in our structural frames. In additional to better corrosion resistance, stainless steel frame helps us reduce weight, compared to aluminum or carbon steel materials. TCO (total cost of ownership) in our products is the best on the market.Floor plate materials are provided by Metsä Group, as we use Finnish birch plywood flooring materials to maximise the lifetime and minimizing weight. Plywood is an environmentally friendly natural material, compared to often used composite plastic plates. Floor coverings are European made containing no heavy metals. Adhesive materials are supplied by Sika Group.We avoid using single use plastic materials. The traction batteries what we use have LFP chemistry, which doesn’t include Cobalt, which has many disadvantages. The lifetime of our battery packs in usual bus traffic is more than 10 years and 5-15 years extra life in grid energy storage use. Battery packs are standardised, which makes second life possible in battery energy storage containers. Our battery cells are designed recycling in mind and they can be re-fabricated after the life time has finished.

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